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Pro bono work has been "mainstreamed into the Irish legal culture" — but that was not the case until relatively recently, FLAC chief executive Eilis Barry points out. When Ms Barry joined the legal charity FLAC in 2016, Éamonn Conlon SC, then a partner in A&L Goodbody LLP, had just

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Robert Shiels reviews Warriors, Rebels and Saints: The Art of Leadership from Machiavelli to Malcolm X. A simple question: do leaders make history, or does history make leaders? Seeking an answer formed the basis of a course by the author on leaders and leadership in history at Harvard University.

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Fieldfisher partner JP McDowell summarises a recent summit on the future of sports regulation in Ireland. I recently had the pleasure of chairing a fantastic panel on the future of sports regulation as part of Fieldfisher’s ongoing seminar series on regulation.

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The Cleveland Torso Murderer, also known as the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run, was an unidentified serial killer who was active in Cleveland, Ohio in the 1930s. In parenthesis, it should be acknowledged immediately that these sorts of designations assume that there is one responsible person but that

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At the beginning of this month, 285 people seeking international protection were moved from a makeshift campsite outside the International Protection Office (IPO) in Dublin’s Mount Street. Weeks later, 55 asylum seekers set up camp along the Grand Canal just hours after another tent clearance.

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Robert Shiels reviews an account of Manchester United's "glory years" by the club's lawyer. It is rather sad that the manuscript for this book was completed by its author, Maurice Watkins, a solicitor to and director of Manchester United, shortly before his death in 2021.

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David Leonard BL examines the intricate balance in deportation cases between rule of law adherence and affording applicants sufficient opportunity to contest the reliance on national security reasons, while still considering legitimate State interests. For years, speaking the magic words “nati

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