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This small book, with a big title, is commendable in several ways: it shows quite how many courts or tribunals and different types of case a member of the Bar, in the author’s generation at least, might have had to deal with. The nature and extent of the pressing political and legal issues tha

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As global temperatures rise and the effects of climate change become more pronounced, countries around the world are witnessing a surge in climate-related litigation. Irish Legal News delves into this growing trend, exploring key cases and shifts in global attitudes. The journey of international cli

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The new legal year has started with a bang. Just three short months after Helen McEntee said she didn't like to see barristers "protesting on the steps of the Criminal Courts of Justice", there are barristers on the steps of courthouses across the length and breadth of the State as they take part in

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Not all that’s useful in a legal career is learned at university. In Kevin Winters’ case, his concern about injustice began as a 10-year-old boy working during school holidays on building sites in areas such as Twinbrook in republican west Belfast and Dee Street in loyalist Ballymacarret

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Dear Editor, Colleagues and others are contacting me regarding the Claire Byrne interview [on Monday]. My colleague Seán Guerin SC made it clear that the Bar Council protest on the 3rd of October is for the restoration of fees to barristers who deal with indictable matters in the higher court

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DAC Beachcroft partner Joanne Finn and senior associate Elaine Davis consider imminent and significant changes to the Irish competition law regime. The Competition (Amendment) Act 2022 was signed into law on 29 June 2022, with the majority of its provisions commencing on 27 September 2023.

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Philip Lee partner Clare Cashin and senior associate Michael Cahill consider the tricky question of whether a statutory adjudication process can be challenged by judicial review. Whether statutory adjudication in Ireland is amenable to judicial review is a question that has, in absence of a definiti

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When Rob McDwyer describes moving to Australia as a Dublin solicitor with just over a decade of experience under his belt, he manages to make a career-defining move sound like something of a whim. Encouraged by a handful of friends and acquaintances to follow them in making the leap, he decided to a

16-30 of 1122 Articles