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Law student Alannah Murray offers a critical perspective on the upcoming referendum on 'care'. “The State recognises that the provision of care, by members of a family to one another by reason of the bonds that exist among them, gives to Society a support without which the common good cannot b

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Pa Daly TD and Dr Ian Marder argue their new private members’ bill could be a win-win for victims of crime, people who commit offences and the wider community. We expect our criminal justice system to make us all safer and meet the needs of victims of crime. Yet, our courts face long delays an

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As mergers, acquisitions and strategic representation arrangements have altered the Irish legal scene, the Big Four accountants haven’t been slow to see the opportunity to transform themselves from audit firms to multidisciplinary professional services operations. Having made their first foray

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Karen Kearney, partner at Cantillons Solicitors, comments on the coming investigation into Aoife Johnston's death at University Hospital Limerick. I listened with interest to an interview on Morning Ireland on 5 January 2024 with Stephen Donnelly, our minister for health. He was asked by Rachel Engl

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Robert Shiels commends a new biography of the comic genius who fell victim to the USA's post-war red scare. This attractively produced book, with many photographs, is a social, political and cultural history of a crucial period in the life of an influential 20th century figure, an original and indep

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Keith Walsh SC criticises government plans to expand the jurisdiction of the District Court. The Family Courts Bill 2022 provides for the establishment of a Family High Court, Family Circuit Court and Family District Court as divisions within the existing court structures. The aim is the development

31-45 of 1177 Articles
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