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Kevin Bell BL examines the future of the gig economy in Ireland. The significant judgment of the High Court in Karshan v. Revenue Commissioners has been overturned by the Court of Appeal. The ruling has granted companies in the Irish gig economy significant leeway, in that delivery drivers will cont

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Uncertainty remains as to the correct interpretation of Article 82 of GDPR for the right of data subjects to obtain compensation for breaches of data. Rose Caroline McGrath BL and Mark Finan BL consider some of the approaches which are emerging from the references to the CJEU and the UK case law tog

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It emerged in March that nearly two-thirds of disabled people employed in the Irish legal sector have not disclosed their disability status at work. Many in the industry believe this concerning statistic emphasises the need for more awareness around the topic. The worrying finding came from a survey

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Dear Editor, On 3rd June 2022, a petition signed by 88 senior counsel and 182 junior counsel was hand-delivered to the Department of Justice alerting the minister to the unacceptable state of the criminal justice system in District Courts throughout the State.

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Dear Editor, I sought a reduction to my subscription as I do not use or need the DX system. This DX costs me approximately €1,000 per year. I sought the reduction to bring me more into line with country members. I was refused.

121-135 of 1034 Articles