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Cathy Smith SC and Paul D. Maier BL reflect on the objectives and impact of the Fixed-Term Work Act 2003 two decades on from its enactment. Fixed-term worker protection in Ireland got off to a particularly bad start with the State failing to implement and transpose the Fixed-Term Work Directive 1999

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The Family Courts Bill represents long-awaited progress to reform Ireland’s family courts system in the public interest. Since this was first promoted by the Law Reform Commission in the 1970s, families have faced long delays, courthouses not fit for purpose, and unequal access to ancillary se

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Many of us have found that our priorities in life have changed recently, not least as a result of the pandemic and its consequences. But Lucy Boyle, a partner at Tormeys Solicitors LLP in Athlone who specialises in personal injury litigation and medical negligence, has long been acutely aware of the

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The criminal trial of Marshal Philippe Pétain in Paris in 1945 was that of the highest ranking military officer accused of treason, in having betrayed his country by collaboration with the enemy. The contrast in personal fortunes was extreme: Pétain had, as supreme commander of French

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It was never supposed to come to this. The Bar Council's historic decision to call for strike action over fee restoration is undoubtedly a dramatic development — and one that Irish Legal News believes is entirely justified. Successive governments have had long enough to rectify an abysmal situ

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William Fry consultant Deirdre O'Donovan and partner Paul Convery look at the enhanced CEA and its involvement in tackling white-collar crime over the last year. With effect from 7 July 2022, the Corporate Enforcement Authority (CEA) was formally established as an independent statutory body under th

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Despite plans for an EU withdrawal from the Energy Charter Treaty, a failure to deal with its sunset clause will continue to threaten action on the climate emergency, argues Eoin Jackson. On 7th July 2023, the European Commission announced its intention to facilitate a co-ordinated withdrawal of the

121-135 of 1193 Articles