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Keith Walsh SC criticises government plans to expand the jurisdiction of the District Court. The Family Courts Bill 2022 provides for the establishment of a Family High Court, Family Circuit Court and Family District Court as divisions within the existing court structures. The aim is the development

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Professor Laurent Pech considers the future of the rule of law in the EU. The history of the rule of law in EU law has been one of gradual process of formal Treaty enshrinement followed by the swift development of the EU’s “rule of law toolbox” in response to unexpected backsliding

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Professor Joseph Bristow’s impressive new study, which deserves close attention, shows that the civil libel suit and the criminal trials involving Oscar Wilde were understood to be within the legal procedures of the time, writes Robert Shiels. The significantly wider importance of his book may

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The cost-of-living crisis, a protracted war in Ukraine and a vicious conflict in the Middle East are among the emergencies that have meant a stressful year for many of us. Some upcoming respite over the Christmas and New Year break will be welcome. Sadly, though, that won’t be the case for eve

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Douglas Thomson reviews a new book by Ian O'Donnell, professor of criminology at University College Dublin, examining four very different prison regimes. In this book, Professor Ian O'Donnell visits and investigates four very different prison environments, all considerably unlike those within the ma

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Belfast solicitor Brian Speers, chair of the Law Society Mediation Service (LSMS) in Northern Ireland, writes on an important case for those interested in developments regarding mediation. On 29th November 2023, the Court of Appeal in England and Wales issued its judgment in the case of James Church

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Time is something of a scarce commodity for solicitor Susan Martin. Like the principal of any independent law firm, she has been dealing with the inescapable practicalities of life that kick in at this time of year — a list of demands that were somewhat reduced when she recently completed her

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RDJ partner Michelle Ryan examines the first WRC ruling on statutory sick pay under legislation which came into force this year. Employers and employment practitioners have eagerly awaited a first decision under the new Sick Leave Act 2022 which has been in force since January 2023. The decision in

61-75 of 1193 Articles