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Jason O'Sullivan, solicitor and public affairs consultant at J.O.S Solicitors, examines the deficit of a proper legal framework for white-collar crime in Ireland. The unprecedented €4.13 million fine imposed on stockbroker Davy by the Central Bank for breaching market rules will have far-reachi

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Employment law solicitor Richard Grogan reminds employers they cannot pay an allowance instead of granting leave. The issue of holiday pay arose in case ADJ-00025369 between a former tutor and an Educational Training Board. In this case the issue was that the employee was paid an additional sum on t

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Justice must be done and seen to be done – but whose justice? That is the uncomfortable question Benjamin Bestgen examines this week. See his last jurisprudential primer here. It’s said that the creation of laws sometimes resembles sausage-making: you need a strong stomach if you re

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Benjamin Bestgen considers the law around espionage in this week's jurisprudential primer. See last week's here. James Bond is a bad spy; a pathological character who’d probably score highly on most psychopathy tests: he is glib, manipulative, self-absorbed, lacking in empathy, unnecessarily v

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Leonora Malone, partner at Eugene F. Collins, highlights that the responsibility for filing accurate information to the CRO rests with the company and its officers. All companies have obligations to file various statutory returns in the Companies Registration Office (CRO) from time to time but it is

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William Fry partner Alicia Compton and associate Karen Hennessy look into the new travel restrictions and what employers need to consider if their employees are travelling for work. In recent weeks the government has ramped up its efforts to restrict travel to and from Ireland to curb the spread of

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This week Benjamin Bestgen considers swearing, without which many of us would struggle to get through the day. See his last jurisprudential primer here. Unrelated to jurisprudential questions, a colleague recently mentioned the Jersey employment tribunal case of Wilkinson v Fairway Trust Limited [20

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Eugene F Collins partner Paul Dempsey and solicitor Niamh O'Brien highlight the options available when serving legal proceedings on a party based in the UK. The United Kingdom’s official departure from the European Union has had a significant effect on cross border civil and commercial litigat

136-150 of 908 Articles