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1546-1560 of 1940 Articles
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A solicitor who was sentenced to a year’s imprisonment for stealing €250,000 from her client account has successfully appealed the severity of her sentence, with the Court of Appeal halving her custodial sentence to one of six months. Delivering the judgment of the three-judge Court, Mr Justice

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in the decision making process”. As such, the Directive should not be construed in the most onerous manner possible, and that the Courts should be “astute to ensure the objectives of the Directive are met but not in an overly pedantic way”.

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in the cartel during that period, the Commission considered that most of the proposed reductions were no longer appropriate for the period 1993-2004. The change in position of the Roullier group explains why it cannot rely on the principle of the protection of legitimate expectations regarding main

1546-1560 of 1940 Articles