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High Court: Vulture fund granted possession of four-bedroom house in Blackrock with fifteen tenants

A vulture fund has been granted an injunction enabling them to take possession of a four-bedroom house in Blackrock, presumed to be rented by up to fifteen people. Finding that the vulture fund, together with the receivers, had a “strong case” likely to succeed at trial, Mr Justice Mark Sanfey said he would hear further arguments regarding whether it would be appropriate to place a stay on the sale of the property pending the determination of the proceedings or agreement of the parties.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 24 February 2020

High Court: Family refused extension of time to challenge international protection decision

A family who were refused international protection and subsequently lost an appeal to the International Protection Appeals Tribunal failed to provide any explanation which would warrant the grant of an extension of time to bring judicial review proceedings in the High Court.

High Court in Ireland — 21 February 2020

UK Supreme Court: Jurisdiction for hearing Michael Stone judicial review appeal lies with Court of Appeal

The UK Supreme Court has found that it does not have jurisdiction to hear an appeal directly from the High Court in judicial review proceedings brought by the sister of one of Michael Stone’s victims.

UK Supreme Court in United Kingdom — 20 February 2020

Workplace Relations Commission: Solicitor awarded €13,300 in constructive dismissal case

A solicitor who was constructively dismissed by the new owner of a firm she had worked in for over 10 years has been awarded €13,300 in the Workplace Relations Commission.

Workplace Relations Commission in Ireland — 19 February 2020

High Court: Labour Court erred by conflating the issue of wages 'properly payable' with the issue of whether there had been a deduction

The Labour Court must reconsider a case involving a Tesco employee who was not paid in accordance with the terms of his contract.

High Court in Ireland — 18 February 2020

High Court: Worker loses appeal against finding that communication was a grievance and not a protected disclosure

A man who argued that he was unfairly dismissed from his employment after making a “protected disclosure” has lost an appeal against the Labour Court’s finding that, in stating that his work was causing him pain, his communication was an expression of grievance and not a protected disclosure.

High Court in Ireland — 17 February 2020

High Court: Reversal of decision on jurisdiction breached the rules of natural justice

A District Court judge’s decision to decline jurisdiction in respect of an assault charge in circumstances where the same judge had accepted jurisdiction at a previous hearing was reached in breach of fair procedures.

High Court in Ireland — 14 February 2020

High Court: Owners of commercial premises in Cork awarded €45k for damage caused by former tenant

The owners of a commercial property in Cork city have been awarded €45,614 for damage caused by a former tenant who converted the ground floor of the property from an off-licence to a bar without their consent.

High Court in Ireland — 13 February 2020

Supreme Court: Woman loses appeal in case involving the repossession of her late mother's house

A woman who failed to notify the lender in a “lifetime loan” mortgage agreement of her mother’s death has lost an appeal against the decision to refuse an extension of time to challenge the order for possession granted to the lender.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 12 February 2020

High Court: Order for possession of property mortgaged under 'lifetime loan' not statute-barred

Proceedings seeking an order for possession of property mortgaged under a “lifetime loan”, which became payable upon death of the mortgagor, were not statute-barred as the proceedings were not subsisting at the date of death.

High Court in Ireland — 11 February 2020

Circuit Court: Courts Service loses appeal against finding that it breached pre-GDPR data protection legislation

The Courts Service has lost an appeal against the Data Protection Commissioner’s finding that it breached pre-GDPR legislation by publishing the name of a notice party who had been granted anonymity.

Circuit Court in Ireland — 10 February 2020

Court of Appeal: Ministry of Defence loses appeal against aggravated damages awarded to widow of Bloody Sunday victim

The Ministry of Defence has lost an appeal against the award of £15,000 compensatory damages and aggravated damages to the widow of Bernard McGuigan, who was shot dead on Bloody Sunday.

Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland — 7 February 2020

High Court: Man who was refused short-term tenancy loses appeal in discrimination complaint

A man who was refused a short-term tenancy for a residential property has had his appeal to the High Court dismissed.

High Court in Ireland — 6 February 2020

UK Supreme Court: NI Attorney General’s application to refer 'devolution issue' refused

The UK Supreme Court has refused to accept an application from the Attorney General for Northern Ireland to refer what he said was a “devolution issue” under the Northern Ireland Act 1998.

UK Supreme Court in United Kingdom — 5 February 2020

High Court: Woman successfully appeals order for possession of family home

A woman who claims that the mortgage on her family home was executed without her knowledge or consent has successfully appealed an order for possession granted to Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank.

High Court in Ireland — 4 February 2020