Westminster committee calls for UK government action on abortion law

A key Westminster committee has called on the UK government to take action to address UN findings about the human rights impact of Northern Ireland's restrictive abortion laws.

Published 25 April 2019

Irish Legal Heritage: “The introduction of internment in Ireland… for 14-year-old girls”

In January 1992, a 14-year-old girl discovered that she was pregnant. The girl, now known as “X”, had been subjected to sexual abuse at the hands of her friend’s father since the age of 12, and when her parents were on a trip to Lourdes in August 1990, he raped her for the first time. (Ruadhán Mac Cormaic, The Supreme Court).

Published 22 March 2019

UN committee reiterates call for decriminalisation of abortion in Northern Ireland

A key UN committee has again urged the UK Government to decriminalise abortion in Northern Ireland in order to satisfy the UK's international human rights obligations.

Published 12 March 2019

Council to seek legal advice on 'safe zones' around abortion facilities

Louth City Council is to seek legal advice on a proposed bye-law to prevent anti-abortion campaigners from targeting healthcare facilities offering abortion services.

Published 19 February 2019

High Court grants temporary injunction in dispute over 'My Options' websites

The Health Service Executive (HSE) has secured a temporary High Court injunction against a man who has allegedly set up a misleading website that is confusingly similar to the HSE's crisis pregnancy freephone service, "My Options".

Published 15 February 2019

High Court to hear landmark case on access to abortion

The High Court in Belfast will this week hear a landmark legal challenge aimed at finding Northern Ireland's abortion law in breach of the UK's human rights commitments.

Published 29 January 2019

Máiréad Enright: Exclusion zones and possibilities for reform

Máiréad Enright, senior lecturer at Birmingham Law School and co-director of the Northern/Irish Feminist Judgments Project, sets out options for reform.

Published 11 January 2019