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Tartan is back in In The Tartan Turban John Keay seeks to rehabilitate the reputation of 19th century adventurer Alexander Gardner, a Scots-American who committed feats of travel far ahead of his time, traversing as he did “remotest Kafiristan” and Bam-i-Dunya, the Roof of the World – to the d

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Conor McCormick, a PhD Candidate in the School of Law at Queen’s University Belfast, critiques the decision in the same-sex marriage case known as Petition X. The High Court of Northern Ireland has delivered two related judgments dealing with the issue of same-sex marriage. Three brief critiques o

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Litigation solicitor Derek Walsh (pictured) of Keating Connolly Sellors Solicitors recently presented an in-house seminar on the topic of bullying and the law entitled “Stomp Out Bullying”. Derek’s seminar focused on bullying in schools and the workplace – this article is based on bullying i

1021-1035 of 1193 Articles