Belfast event hears update on English surrogacy law reforms

Verity Bell, Professor Nick Hopkins, Spencer Clarke
Pictured (L-R): Verity Bell, Professor Nick Hopkins, Spencer Clarke

Over 40 members of the legal profession and community/voluntary representatives were welcomed to Law Society House for an event on surrogacy law reforms.

The Law Commission of England and Wales is currently considering the legal parentage of children born via surrogacy, the regulation of surrogacy more widely, and the international context of surrogacy.

The project will take account of the rights of all involved in surrogacy, including the question of a child’s right to access information about their origin and the prevention of exploitation of children and adults.

Law Commissioner Professor Nick Hopkins, lawyer Spencer Clarke and researcher Verity Bell addressed the Belfast audience on its current work and provisional proposals to improve surrogacy laws so they better support the child, surrogates and intended parents.

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