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The High Court has dismissed an application for judicial review brought by a former heroin addict who argued he had a "secondary case procedural legitimate expectation" to have been consulted by the Department of Justice before they ceased funding for an addiction service. The applicant, Mr Charles

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of proceeding in 2004, and that he could not both be an executor of his mother’s Will, and bring a challenge against it. Further, under s.9(2)(b) of the Civil Liability Act 1961, the relevant limitation period for maintaining a cause of action which has survived against the estate of a deceased p

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A young woman has had her sentence for a single count of assault contrary to s.3 of the Non Fatal Offences Against the Person Act reduced, with the Court of Appeal finding that insufficient attention was given to the young age of the woman at the time of the offence. The offence, to which the woman

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A managing director has been refused permission to represent his company in a dispute over an alleged breach of copyright. Pablo Star Media Limited, acting through its managing director Mr Haydn Price and not through a solicitor, had filed a claim with the District Court, seeking €3,000 damages fr

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A former consultant surgeon has failed to obtain an order from the Court of Appeal restraining the prosecution of a number of indecent assault offences which allegedly took place between the 1960s and 1990s. The alleged offences were perpetrated primarily against teenage boys who had been admitted t

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The High Court has found that a family’s use of factory land in order to access their cottage does not constitute a legal right of way, as it arose out of the family’s connection to the factory, and subsequently out of a relationship of tolerance and reciprocity. The plaintiffs, known as Zopitar

1771-1785 of 1833 Articles