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Following the conclusion earlier this week of the five-year-long National Socialist Underground (NSU) trial in Munich, In the Fade (German: Aus dem Nichts) from German-Turkish director Fatih Akin makes particularly timely viewing. Based very loosely on the string of racist murders committed by the N

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Professor Colin Harvey of Queen's University Belfast (QUB) School of Law makes the case below for a relaxed, open and transparent conversation about Brexit and Irish unity. Discussions on Irish unity are intensifying. This is becoming a mainstream conversation in the public life of Northern Ireland,

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Anybody who has arrived at a “24-hour” supermarket in Northern Ireland after 6pm on a Sunday will suspect that the closed doors have something to do with observing the Sabbath in Christian tradition. What you might not know is that this rule has its origins in the Sunday Observance Act 1695, pa

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It would be regrettable if Brexit undermined the efforts made to build constructive relationships across these islands in the last 20 years, writes Professor Colin Harvey of Queen's University Belfast' School of Law. The island of Ireland is entering new constitutional and political terrain. One par

916-930 of 1202 Articles