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Employment law solicitor Richard Grogan of Richard Grogan & Associates writes for Irish Legal News following a landmark ruling from the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). This may sound like a strange heading. However, the CJEU's decision in case C-378/17, Minister for Justice and Eq

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Navigating the streets of Dublin in a wooden bowl fortified with iron, "Billy in the bowl", as he was so nicknamed, was born without legs and said to have been blessed with a handsome face. Using this to his advantage, Billy was "one of those curious beggars who frequented fairs and public places, w

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Lyn McCarthy, associate solicitor in the healthcare team at Hayes Solicitors, sets out in full the Government's proposed reforms to Irish coronial law. The Coroners (Amendment) Bill 2018, currently progressing through the third stage of Dáil Éireann, seeks to strengthen the effectivene

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Sir Edward Carson’s controversial role in Irish history and status as a unionist icon has obscured his reputation as one of Ireland’s great legal figures. Born in Dublin in 1854 and graduating from Trinity College with both a BA and an MA, he was called to the Irish Bar at King’s I

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Last week marked 80 years since the death of Mary Mallon, who, after over 26 years of imprisonment, died in an isolation hospital on North Brother Island in New York. Mary’s incarceration was not the consequence of being convicted of any crime, but was instead the reaction to her being identi

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Graham Ogilvy is disappointed by Mike Leigh’s newly released epic Peterloo. Peterloo, the brutal massacre inflicted on a Manchester crowd demanding political reform in 1819, was a milestone in the lengthy and, some would say, continuing, struggle to establish democracy in Britain and one of th

856-870 of 1214 Articles
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