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Despite plans for an EU withdrawal from the Energy Charter Treaty, a failure to deal with its sunset clause will continue to threaten action on the climate emergency, argues Eoin Jackson. On 7th July 2023, the European Commission announced its intention to facilitate a co-ordinated withdrawal of the

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Benjamin Bestgen and Alexander Jeuk discuss the practicalities of rebalancing the scales of justice making the legal system accessible to everyone. The complaint that the law tends to favour the wealthy and powerful while being much less available to the impecunious is not new. And there is much evi

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James Milliken, solicitor at Belfast-based Carson McDowell, considers the impact of generative artificial intelligence on UK copyright law. At the most basic level, copyright law attempts to balance the needs of authors with the interests of society as a whole. It is intended to provide a middle gro

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Ireland must withdraw from the discredited Energy Charter Treaty, argues Eoin Jackson. In February 2023, a leaked communication from the European Commission signalled that a collective EU withdrawal from the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) appeared "unavoidable". This follows on from announcements from

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Developing a personal brand allows solicitors to differentiate themselves from their competitors and stand out in a crowded legal marketplace. A solid reputation can attract new clients and facilitate career advancement. Unfortunately, many of the brightest legal minds remain unknown because they ha

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As Rishi Sunak arrives in Belfast for talks with political leaders on the Northern Ireland Protocol, Anurag Deb here examines the UK Supreme Court's latest Brexit ruling and what it means for the constitutional statutes doctrine. Anyone who is from Ireland, or who has witnessed a real (as opposed to

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Mark D Finan BL and Rose Caroline McGrath BL explore a new development in litigation seeking damages arising from data breaches in Ireland. Data Protection Day 2023 brought a new development in litigation seeking damages arising from data breaches in Ireland pursuant to Article 82 GDPR and s.117 Dat

46-60 of 900 Articles