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Benjamin Bestgen this week discusses violence against women. See his last primer here. One of the fundamental justifications for permitting an organised state, government and law enforcement to exist is that these institutions, and the people who serve in them, are meant to guarantee public safety.

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Dr Sandra Duffy comments on Friday's High Court ruling in AB v Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, the first case funded by the Good Law Project's Trans Defence Fund. In the case of AB v Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, heard before the High Court of England and Wales (Family Division), a challenge was

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Co Kildare firm Moloney Solicitors has instituted proceedings against a German company on behalf of a number of clients who experienced a worsening of their vision following the insertion of intraocular lenses. The lenses, which were implanted in patients' eyes, were subject to a recall by Oculentis

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Deirdre Malone details a very interesting discrimination case. Suchavadee Foley ordered a tea from Starbucks last January. Not a tricky transaction, however, the interaction resulted in a €12,000 award to Ms Foley. When placing her order, Ms Foley started to spell an abbreviated version of her

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The family law courts continue to operate during Level 5 restrictions. However, to protect staff and the wider public, the courts are of coruse trying to reduce numbers of people attending the courts, writes Mary McMorland. The courts’ staff and practitioners have done what they can to try and

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Benjamin Bestgen turns his eye to the legalities of torture this week. See last week's jurisprudential primer here. Torture is a disturbingly common feature in our entertainment. In medieval or horror stories but also war and crime movies, books or TV series, the bad guys routinely torture innocents

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The need for clarification of the legislative landscape governing cryptocurrency is one of the world’s worst kept secrets, write Andrew Tzialli and Rachel McCausland. Bitcoin in particular recently earned its place on a global platform by exceeding a $1 trillion market cap and investors (

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Employment law solicitor Richard Grogan takes a look at the different kinds of workplace stress. Workplace stress and burnout has always been relevant. Increasingly it is affecting executives, particularly senior executives, managers, professionals, and those in the medical profession particula

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Jason O'Sullivan, solicitor and public affairs consultant at J.O.S Solicitors, examines the deficit of a proper legal framework for white-collar crime in Ireland. The unprecedented €4.13 million fine imposed on stockbroker Davy by the Central Bank for breaching market rules will have far-reachi

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Employment law solicitor Richard Grogan reminds employers they cannot pay an allowance instead of granting leave. The issue of holiday pay arose in case ADJ-00025369 between a former tutor and an Educational Training Board. In this case the issue was that the employee was paid an additional sum on t

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Justice must be done and seen to be done – but whose justice? That is the uncomfortable question Benjamin Bestgen examines this week. See his last jurisprudential primer here. It’s said that the creation of laws sometimes resembles sausage-making: you need a strong stomach if you re

46-60 of 817 Articles