Two external reviews ordered into scandal-hit RTÉ

Two external reviews ordered into scandal-hit RTÉ

Catherine Martin

Ministers have agreed to commission two separate and parallel reviews into RTÉ as the broadcaster’s undisclosed payments scandal continues to unfold.

Catherine Martin, the minister for tourism, culture, arts, Gaeltacht, sport and media, said there would be a review of governance and culture as well as a review of contractor fees, human resources and other matters.

The two reviews — expected to take six months — will each be directed by two different three-person expert advisory committees, who will oversee the work of a professional services firm which will be appointed to work on the reviews.

The minister will also invoke her powers under section 109(7)(a) of the Broadcasting Act 2009 to appoint a forensic accountant to examine the books or other records of account of RTÉ in respect of any financial year or other period.

Announcing the reviews, Ms Martin said: “Ever since the first broadcast of its predecessor Raidió Éireann, RTÉ has provided a public space for the people of Ireland to speak to and of one another.

“At its best, it has held up a mirror to Irish society, one that has demonstrated not only the best in our society but one that also revealed its injustices, both glaring and sometimes all too hidden. In doing so, RTÉ has been sustained not only by the tireless work of its staff over the years but also through the trust of the people.”

“That trust has been shattered. The independent, root and branch examination of RTÉ I am announcing today is the beginning of our efforts to restore that trust.”

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