Northern Ireland to ban single-use vapes

Northern Ireland to ban single-use vapes

Andrew Muir

Northern Ireland is set to ban the sale and supply of single-use vapes by April 2025 alongside other parts of the UK.

Officials from Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales have been collaborating on a proposed UK-wide ban, which will be enacted through separate legislation being brought in each part of the UK.

The Irish government has also consulted on a similar move south of the border, though no legislation has yet been brought forward.

NI environment minister Andrew Muir said: “I have listened to concerns over the environmental impact of single-use vapes and I’m delighted to announce that my department is taking action to progress a ban on the sale and supply of single-use vapes in Northern Ireland.

“The environmental damage created by the alarming rise in the littering and incorrect disposal of used vapes is a key concern. It’s estimated that as many as five million single use vapes are simply thrown away in residual bins or littered every week across the UK, rather than being recycled.

“Single-use vape waste introduces plastic, nicotine salts, metals and lithium-ion batteries into the environment and can have a devastating impact on our environment and biodiversity.”

He added: “Whilst timelines are extremely ambitious, my department is working at pace to progress this piece of work. I also welcome the collaborative engagement between government officials across the UK to address single-use vape issues.

“Alignment of approaches will deliver shared health and environmental benefits and will help provide clarity for businesses which are currently selling single-use vaping products.”

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