Maynooth adopts restorative practices policy

Maynooth adopts restorative practices policy

Dr Ian Marder

Maynooth University School of Law and Criminology is believed to have become the first academic department in a European university to adopt a restorative practices policy.

Dr Ian Marder, whose research focuses on the development of restorative justice and restorative practices in criminal justice, has been appointed under the policy as the department’s restorative practices officer.

A three-page document titled A Restorative Approach to Supporting Students outlines what a restorative approach means in the department and the training that staff may obtain to help implement this.

Where a student is facing an issue involving another student or a staff member, it explains that “an option we can explore is whether a colleague with advanced training in restorative practices could help those involved to participate in a voluntary restorative process to address what happened”.

All lecturers and administrators within the department have been offered voluntary training to support them in implementing the policy and understanding when and how to refer students to the restorative practices officer.

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