NI: Law Society complaints system ‘open, accessible and timely’

NI: Law Society complaints system 'open, accessible and timely'

The Law Society of Northern Ireland’s complaints system is open, accessible and timely, the Lay Observer for Northern Ireland has found.

The watchdog’s annual report for 2018/19 has identified a positive trend in how complaints are registered and handled by the Society.

The report, the second of its kind, also notes the significant steps the Society has taken to make the complaints process more accessible.

This has included the development of a focused training programme and support resources for solicitors as well as developing and improving the process for complainants.

While the number of category complaints has risen, the Lay Observer acknowledged this is in part a response to a more open system.

David A. Lavery CB, chief executive of the Law Society, said: “The Society welcomes the publication of the Lay Observer’s report which will allow us to build on the good work which has been undertaken and to make further improvements to the Society’s service complaints process.

“In the year ahead, the Society will be preparing for the new arrangements provided for in the Legal Complaints & Regulation Act (NI) 2016 coming into operation. The Society will be providing further details of this in due course.”

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