NI: #InPictures: Solicitors and barristers join roundtable on Human Rights Act review

NI: #InPictures: Solicitors and barristers join roundtable on Human Rights Act review

Solicitors, barristers and rights campaigners attended a “hybrid” roundtable event hosted by the Law Society of Northern Ireland and the Bar Council of Northern Ireland to discuss the independent review of the Human Rights Act.

The event was chaired by Sir Peter Gross, chair of the review panel, joined by three other members of the panel, including Baroness Nuala O’Loan, a former solicitor and the first Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland.

Participants included solicitors and barristers from private practice and academia and representatives from a number of local bodies and organisations with a particular interest in human rights.

Rowan White, president of the Law Society, said: “Discussion at the round table has allowed for the further development of a number of the issues which were covered in the Society’s written response to the Panel’s Call for Evidence.

“In particular we welcomed the opportunity to focus on the pivotal role which the Human Rights Act has in the current constitutional arrangements in Northern Ireland.”

Maria McCloskey, chair of the Law Society’s human rights and equality group, added: “The Act is still very much in its infancy.

“Over the last 20 years, our understanding of it has been developing and, amongst human rights practitioners the overwhelming position is that it has been working extremely effectively. Accordingly this review and its timing is of great concern.”

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