NI: Code of conduct for barristers updated

NI: Code of conduct for barristers updated

The Bar Council of Northern Ireland has introduced a new version of its code of conduct for barristers.

The new code of conduct, which took effect from 1 October 2020, applies to all barristers, whenever called to the Bar and whether or not they currently hold a practising certificate.

The latest version of the code reflects changes in relation to the procedure for any barrister applying to resume practice and also updates the process for how a barrister can seek to obtain a practising certificate.

It also redefines the various categories of barrister that are permitted to be recognised in Northern Ireland.

There are new conditions contained within the code in relation to barristers who have ceased practice, and new sections of the code have been introduced, that build on provisions that featured in the previous version of the code, in relation to how the Bar Council will regulate any barrister who provides legal services outside of one of the permitted categories that are described within it.

A new section of the code also provides assistance to barristers who would like to understand how to apply to be disbarred if they are no longer required to be subject to the code.

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