NI: Youth Justice Agency and Belfast PCSP launch ‘No Harm Done?’ DVD

NI: Youth Justice Agency and Belfast PCSP launch 'No Harm Done?' DVD

‘No harm done?’ - an innovative short film aimed at educating young people on the impact peer pressure can have on the choices they make and the often unintended consequences of their actions and behaviours – was launched at an event in Belfast City Hall.

Funded by the Belfast Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP), the DVD has been produced by the Youth Justice Agency and Extra Family Productions with assistance from the PSNI.

The film uses an opportunistic but realistic house burglary scenario to demonstrate how, for some teenagers, peer pressure may result in in a series of events with unintended consequences. In such situations, young people may make uninformed and unsafe choices which in turn can have a dramatic impact upon their lives and futures.

Laurence Doherty, the director and co-Writer of ‘No Harm Done?’ said: “This was the first time I and the other members of the Extra Family production team have worked on an educational project like this. It has been a sobering and rewarding experience for us all. I certainly hope that this short film can help young people come to terms with the enormous ripple effect that one criminal action can have. It will impact them and those around them for a long time.”

‘No harm done?’ contains a wealth of discussion points relevant to young people such as peer pressure, risk taking behaviours, choice and consequences, victim empathy, impact of the crime on their future and increasing understanding of the youth justice system in Northern Ireland. It is thought-provoking and encourages opportunities for discussion amongst young people to increase their capacity to consider some of the issues they are facing and their impacts, not only to themselves, but also to others such as victims, peers, family and the community as a whole.

Ben Rayot, Youth Justice Agency,said: “This has been a fascinating project to work on. It is exciting to look ahead to how we might use this resource in secondary schools, youth centres, and youth work training programmes to develop young people’s understanding of the impact of crime on victims and communities and ultimately help them become better citizens and keep safe by avoiding crime and antisocial behaviour.”

Councillor Matt Garrett, Chair of the Belfast Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) added: “The Belfast PCSP welcomed the opportunity to work alongside the Youth Justice Agency in the development of this DVD. The Partnerships aim to help communities feel safer by tackling crime and anti-social behaviour and improving confidence in police, as well as the wider justice system. I believe that this DVD offers an excellent opportunity to engage with young people and encourage them to make positive, informed decisions.”

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