UK lawyers to be stationed in Rwanda as part of revision to scheme

UK lawyers to be stationed in Rwanda as part of revision to scheme

UK lawyers could be stationed in Rwandan courts as part of a new treaty to support the deportation scheme, which is expected to be signed shortly.

The move comes in response to the UK Supreme Court’s ruling last month, which held the deportation plan to be unlawful.

The placement of lawyers in Rwanda aims to assist with the processing of asylum appeals. The discussions form a part of the treaty negotiations between the UK and Rwanda, with a focus on reinforcing the country’s legal capacity while respecting its judicial independence.

Home secretary James Cleverly is anticipated to travel to Rwanda soon to finalise the treaty. However, the extent to which UK lawyers will be involved in Rwandan courts is still uncertain and depends on the final terms of the treaty.

In addition to the treaty, emergency legislation is being considered to prevent asylum seekers from challenging their deportation to Rwanda through UK courts. This legislation would classify Rwanda as a “safe country”, making it challenging for the Supreme Court to contest the policy.

The agreement is likely to include additional UK financial contributions to Rwanda, though the exact amount is yet to be confirmed. It is also expected to ensure that individuals denied asylum in Rwanda could be returned to the UK instead of their home countries, addressing concerns raised by the Supreme Court.

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