NI: PSNI to name and shame court dodgers on Facebook

NI: PSNI to name and shame court dodgers on Facebook

Police in Northern Ireland are to name and shame suspects who fail to turn up to court by posting ”Wanted” posters on their Facebook page.

PSNI Craigavon has even mocked up a wanted poster with one of their own follicly-challenged officers, jokingly claiming he is charged with the grievous crime of stealing hair products.

PSNI mocked up this spoof Wild West style poster of Ch Insp Jon Burrows (pictured).

Det Insp Jon Burrows is obviously not wanted for stealing hair gel, but is “leading the charge” against suspects who are wanted on bench warrants after failing to appear at court.

The campaign has been given the title “Operation Relentless” and will share pictures of offenders with Facebook followers in a bid to locate the missing suspects.

PSNI Craigavon explained: “Sometimes this is a first time failure to appear, sometimes they know what verdict is coming and do a runner. Either way, they’re now wanted!

“If that is you, consider yourself on notice. We are coming for you.”

They added that, from Monday 20 February, anyone who still has an active bench warrant against them will be “fair game” for having their face and details shared online.

Yesterday the force got into the Valentine’s mood by publishing “Roses are red, our lights are blue, if you’ve got a bench warrant, we’re coming for you.”

Another post read: “Roses are red, drugs are a sin. Tell us who’s dealing, we’ll smash their door in.”

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