NI: PSNI seize street drugs worth £1.35 million

NI: PSNI seize street drugs worth £1.35 million

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) seized illegal drugs worth £1.35 million in the latest phase of an ongoing initiative called Operation Torus.

Between 7 September-31 October, officers charged 44 suspects and reported 74 to the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) following 1,166 searches, 523 arrests and 731 drugs seizures.

In the twelve months to 30 November 2015, there were 5,156 drugs seizures across Northern Ireland and 2,938 drugs-related arrests, an increase of more than 5 per cent on the previous year.

Detective Superintendent Andrea McMullan, of the PSNI’s Reactive and Organised Crime Branch, said: “Over the past number of years, we have recorded considerable success with Operation Torus and these figures continue this positive trend.

“To have taken £1.35 million worth of drugs off the streets is further evidence of our commitment to acting on information provided by communities to reduce the harm posed by dangerous and illegal drugs.

“In addition, there have been criminal justice consequences for those involved in this activity. A total of 44 people have been charged with drugs offences, 74 have been reported to the PPS and a further 59 have been dealt with by way of discretionary disposal. In addition, another 24 were cautioned while a further 81 individuals were dealt with by way of warrants or bailed.

“An interesting supplementary benefit has been that 181 motoring offences were detected during the course of the operation, keeping people safer on the roads as well as from drugs.

“This latest phase is further proof that drugs remain a policing priority because of the devastating impact they have on individuals and communities.”

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