NI: Police officer’s appeal against judge arrest sentence adjourned

NI: Police officer's appeal against judge arrest sentence adjourned

An appeal by the PSNI officer who attempted to arrest a judge during court proceedings against his three month prison sentence has been adjourned for a week.

Thomas Anthony Carlin, 43, sought leave to appeal his sentence to the UK Supreme Court at a specially convened hearing in Belfast at 7pm on Friday.

He was convicted of threatening to arrest Lord Justice Gillen during a case in which he was representing himself.

The unexpected move prompted security and court staff to remove Mr Carlin from the courtroom.

At a hearing, Mr Carlin said he “believed a crime had been committed” by the judge and court workers who intervened at the time had “obstructed me in the execution of my duty”.

Madden & Finucane Solicitors, representing Mr Carlin, will have a week to make further arguments on behalf of the officer before judges decide whether to grant leave for the appeal.

Mr Carlin will remain in custody until the hearing continues next week.

Solicitor Ciarán Shiels said ahead of Friday’s hearing: “If leave is granted, we have indicated we intend to make an immediate application for bail pending the determination of the Supreme Court proceedings.”

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