NI: Offender levy scheme rolled out to road traffic penalties

Justice Minister Claire Sugden
Justice Minister Claire Sugden

Northern Ireland’s Justice Minister Claire Sugden has announced a new victim’s levy for road traffic offenders.

The offender levy scheme, introduced in 2012, was yesterday rolled out to include endorseable fixed penalties issued by the PSNI and the Driver Vehicle Agency, including those issued in relation to speed cameras.

The £5 levy applying to fixed penalties could provide an additional £150,000 per year for the Victims of Crime Fund.

Ms Sugden said: “Victims and witnesses play a vital role in the effectiveness of the criminal justice system.

“It is important that they are supported by quality services, and that we continually seek to improve those services, and that those who break the law should make a contribution to improving those services.”

She added: “Road traffic offences impact on the community as a whole and have the potential to cause serious injury, or worse, death in some cases. change will further enhance the support offered by government to the victims of these crimes.”

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