Mason Hayes & Curran launches new AI legal guide

Mason Hayes & Curran launches new AI legal guide

Brian McElligott

Business law firm Mason Hayes & Curran has published a new legal guide to global regulatory trends and developments in artificial intelligence (AI).

The Artificial Intelligence Review covers the EU’s AI Act, the first legislative regulation of AI globally, which is expected to pass into law this year and be fully implemented by 2026.

The review also addresses the UK’s approach to AI regulation, which, unlike the EU, relies on a principle-based framework.

The US perspective is also discussed, highlighting the executive order on “safe, secure, and trustworthy artificial intelligence”, which advances a co-ordinated federal approach to AI development.

Brian McElligott, partner and head of AI at Mason Hayes & Curran, said: “The use and development of AI is of increasingly central importance to many of our clients’ commercial objectives.

“Our Artificial Intelligence Review is a critical resource for understanding the evolving landscape of AI regulation and its implications across various sectors. It’s an essential read for business and legal professionals navigating the complexities of AI development and deployment.”

Additional topics include the regulation of fintech AI in the EU, the WHO’s views on AI in healthcare, and the impact of AI on the built environment sector.

The guide also explores the intersection of AI with intellectual property law, discussing recent US case law on whether AI-generated works are eligible for copyright protection.

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