England: Judicial bullying case settled for £50,000

England: Judicial bullying case settled for £50,000

An English judge who alleged that she had been bullied and in one case physically assaulted by her colleagues is to receive a £50,000 payout as part of a settlement agreed with the Ministry of Justice.

Judge Kalyani Kaul KC, a Crown Court judge, launched legal proceedings in 2019 against the MoJ, the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice, alleging that she was bullied and mistreated by senior judges.

The alleged behaviour came after the judge complained about “disrespectful, discourteous, unprofessional, and rude” barristers — two of whom were subsequently disciplined.

As part of the proceedings, the UK government conceded in 2021 for the first time that ministers and the senior judiciary owe judges a duty of care.

The Ministry of Justice has not accepted liability as part of the settlement, The Times reports.

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