England: Apprentice with dyscalculia awarded £50,000 after being dismissed

England: Apprentice with dyscalculia awarded £50,000 after being dismissed

An apprentice digital media executive has been awarded £50,000 after she suffered victimisation and discrimination at work because she found maths “very difficult”.

Sophie Molyneux sued Apprentify, a firm that sources apprenticeships, after she was fired from a role at a business that trains people in digital skills.

An employment tribunal heard that she was forced to take a mock maths test two months before a compulsory exam. She found this unfair as she has dyscalculia, a condition which results in people struggling with maths.

Lawyers for Apprentify said that bosses had supported Ms Molyneux by providing additional maths tuition and letting her to listen to music or podcasts during the test.

The tribunal also heard claims that she was viewed as a “troublemaker” as she had raised allegations of sexual harassment and bullying at work.

She started the role last year on a salary of £18,000 and was due to complete her apprenticeship that September. A month after failing the mock maths test she told her bosses of alleged sexual harassment.

A few weeks later she was sacked.

Judge Rhodri McDonald said that the firm did not make “reasonable adjustments” to address Ms Molyneux’s condition. Her dismissal was also “significantly influenced” by her allegation of sexual harassment.

He said that “the impact of the dismissal was to completely undermine” her “self-confidence”.

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