NI: Belfast law student convicted of shoplifting

NI: Belfast law student convicted of shoplifting

A part-time law student gained first-hand experience of the courtroom after being convicted of shoplifting from an Asda supermarket in Belfast.

Diarmaid McMillan, 27, told Belfast Magistrates Court that he was leaving the store with a loaded trolley in order to get a bank card to make a full payment.

However, prosecutors say he was stopped by security guards far from the entrance of the store.

Mr McMillan had paid for only one of the items in his trolley, which were worth a combined total of £231.60.

Deputy District Judge Joe Rice described the defendant as a “skilled manipulator and liar”, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

He suggested the part-time student, who also works for a mobile phone company, was trying to do his Christmas shopping for free.

Sentencing has been deferred.

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