NI: Bar of NI Library team celebrate prestigious award win

The Bar of Northern Ireland Library and Information Service is celebrating its win in the 2016 LexisLibrary Award for the Best Legal Information Service in the UK and Ireland.

Serving the research and information needs of over 600 barristers at the Bar of Northern Ireland, the team attracted glowing reports from both new and experienced practitioners alike, with many praising their speed, thoroughness and professionalism.

Team members Stephen Reid, Alison Calvert, Stephen Graham, John McLoughlin, Rhoda McDowell and Anna Walker welcomed the support offered from members throughout the competition.

The award was presented to the library team by Karen Palmer, president of the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians, and Eugene Kumeyko from LexisNexis.

Accepting the award on behalf of the team, Niamh Burns said: “The Library and Information Service will not stand still – we will continue to deliver optimum service and strive to improve to ensure that the Bar of Northern Ireland receive the best possible Library and Information service into the future.”

Chief executive David Mulholland added: “This award is a fitting recognition of the tremendous effort and dedication shown by our staff to ensure the Bar of Northern Ireland has the necessary research and facilities to serve the justice system with excellence.”

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