Annual increase in NI employment law payments and awards

Annual increase in NI employment law payments and awards

Conor Murphy

The annual increase in limits for payments and awards to Northern Ireland workers in relation to certain employment rights is to take effect.

From Saturday 6 April, the limit on the compensatory award for unfair dismissal rises from £105,915 to £115,341.

The maximum amount for one week’s pay for the purpose of calculating redundancy payments rises from £669 to £729.

The increased limits relate to a range of employment rights including statutory redundancy payments; the basic and compensatory awards for unfair dismissal; the limit on guarantee payments made when employees are not provided with work; and the minimum basic award for unfair dismissal in health and safety and certain other cases.

Finance minister Conor Murphy said: “One of my leading priorities is to protect the rights and entitlements of workers and employees.

“This order will ensure that if they find themselves in the unfortunate circumstances of receiving these types of payments or awards, they will be compensated fairly and that their rights will be protected by law.

“While the payments cannot undo the events that are the cause of them being made, it is my hope that the increased limits will go some way to help those entitled workers and employees at what is clearly a difficult time.”

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