UK government launches consultation on legacy matters

Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley has launched a public consultation on proposals to address the legacy of the Troubles

The consultation - Addressing the legacy of Northern Ireland’s past - includes proposals to implement the four new legacy institutions set out in the 2014 Stormont House Agreement and the government’s manifesto for Northern Ireland 2017.

A key element of the Stormont House Agreement is that all of these bodies will be under statutory obligations to act in ways that are balanced, proportionate, transparent, fair and equitable.

The consultation will run until 10 September 2018.

Ms Bradley (pictured) said: “I welcome the opportunity to launch the consultation today, seeking views on how to address the legacy of Northern Ireland’s troubled past. Since my appointment as Secretary of State I have heard deeply moving stories about the suffering that victims and survivors have lived with for decades and the profound and lasting impact on individuals, families and communities.

“This consultation provides the opportunity to begin a process that has the potential to provide better outcomes for victims, survivors and their families.There is broad agreement that the current complex system does not work well for anyone and we are determined to put that right.

“In an area as sensitive as the troubled past in Northern Ireland, it is important that we recognise and listen to all views. Any way forward will only work if it can command confidence from across the community. Now is the time for everyone with an interest in addressing the legacy of Northern Ireland’s troubled past to have their say.”

The UK government has committed £150 million over five years to help establish the institutions set out in the Stormont House Agreement, which together would put the needs of victims and survivors first.