Prorogation ‘slams brakes’ on key Northern Ireland legislation

The prorogation of Parliament “slams the brakes” on important legislation concerning Northern Ireland, including long-awaited provisions on domestic abuse and historical institutional abuse.

Pending legislation will be effectively killed off following prorogation, the BBC reports.

In a tweet, Conservative MP Simon Hoare, chair of the Northern Ireland select committee, said the suspension of parliamentary sittings “ignores (deliberately?) the needs of Northern Ireland”.

He highlighted the need for primary legislation to set the Northern Ireland budget, make governance arrangements and deliver on the recommendations of the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry’s 2017 report.

Mr Hoare said: “Prorogation slams the brakes on all of this.”

Meanwhile, Labour backbencher Jess Phillips highlighted the potential impact of prorogation on the Domestic Abuse Bill, which was recently amended to provide for a new offence of coercive control in Northern Ireland.