Personal injury lawyer makes plea to business amid hit-and-run spike

Olivia Meehan
Olivia Meehan

A personal injury lawyer has urged businesses to co-operate with the PSNI and insurance claims investigators amid a reported increase in hit-and-run incidents during the lockdown.

Olivia Meehan, legal services director of JMK Solicitors, made the comments in response to reports from auto body repair shops that demand for repairs has spiked.

Brian Moylan, owner of Hanover Motors in Craigavon, attributed the “influx” to people working from home requiring more grocery shopping and having their cars damaged while parked.

He added: “I can understand with people’s finances being stretched to breaking point that no one wants to admit to causing, or pay for, the damage and I would predict these types of incidents will increase.”

Ms Meehan said: “With the increase in hit-and-run incidents taking place across the country, we urge businesses, especially supermarkets, to co-operate with the PSNI and insurance claims investigators by providing CCTV footage without delay.

“This will ensure that owners who have had their cars damaged are not losing out by being forced to make claims on their own policy, particularly during this time of financial uncertainty for many.”

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