Personal injury working group will continue to meet

Minister of State Eoghan Murphy
Minister of State Eoghan Murphy

The Government’s working group on personal injury claims will continue to meet in 2017 to oversee the implementation of its recommendations.

The group, set up by Minister of State Eoghan Murphy last year, reported back to Cabinet on Tuesday.

Its key recommendation was the establishment of a commission of inquiry chaired by Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns to examine insurance pay-outs following injuries such as whiplash and compare them with awards in other jurisdictions.

Mr Murphy said: “In taking action and implementing the Report’s recommendations, this will lead to greater stability in the pricing of motor insurance and will help prevent the volatility that we have seen in the market in the past (both up and down). It should also better facilitate potential new entrants to the market.

“There is no silver bullet to reduce the cost of insurance, insofar as no one recommendation will solve the problem on its own.

“However, cooperation and commitment between all bodies and individuals with a stake in a stable and accessible insurance market can deliver fairer premiums for consumers without unnecessary delay.”

Mr Murphy added that the group, which he chairs, would continue to meet as the project enters its implementation phase.

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