Home Office grants visa to fiancée in Irish passport case

RCJBelfastThe refusal of a UK visa to a Japanese woman coming to Belfast to marry a Northern Ireland man who carries an Irish passport has been overturned.

Lawyers for Ciaran Doole went to the High Court to apply for judicial review in a bid to overturn the Home Office decision and allow his marriage to Makiko Takeoka to go ahead.

In a letter, Ms Takeoka was informed she did not meet the eligibility requirements for a visa because her sponsor, Mr Doole, “is an Irish national who is working in the UK not present or settled in the UK”.

At a hearing yesterday, counsel for the Home Office said there had been a misunderstanding and the decision had been overturned.

The Lord Chief Justice, Sir Declan Morgan, adjourned the challenge while indicating that it can be brought back to court if there are any delays in getting the visa to Ms Takeoka.