Trainee solicitor awarded over €24k in back pay

Trainee solicitor awarded over €24k in back pay

A trainee solicitor who claimed that he was paid less than minimum wage during his traineeship has been awarded €24,155 in back pay.

Imitiaz Ahmed raised a minimum wage action against his former employer, claiming that he worked up to 60 hours a week and was sometimes paid nothing at all.

Mr Ahmed initially raised an action to the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC), which found that Mr Khan’s employer, Imtiaz Ahmed Ranjha of Sky Solicitors, failed to pay him the national minimum wage.

This decision was appealed by Sky Solicitors, but the Labour Court this month upheld the WRC ruling.

Louise O’Donnell, deputy chair of the Labour Court, determined that Mr Khan’s complaints were well-founded and he was awarded arrears of €24,155.31.

Mr Khan provided the court with a detailed table showing the hours he worked for his former employer and the pay he received for that work.

Sky Solicitors unsuccessfully disputed that evidence, claiming that Mr Khan was not an employee and that, even if he was, his claim now would be out-of-time. The Labour Court dismissed these arguments.

Mr Ranjha also confirmed to the court that he had not kept any records of Mr Khan’s hours or rate of pay.

The Labour Court decision requires Sky Solicitors to pay the arrears to Mr Khan within six weeks.

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