Employment lawyer calls for changes in publication of Adjudication Officer decisions

Richard Grogan
Richard Grogan

A leading employment solicitor has called for the decisions of Adjudication Officers to be more easily accessible online.

Dublin lawyer Richard Grogan of Richard Grogan & Associates has written to Kieran Mulvey, the Director General of the Workplace Relations Commission.

In a letter seen by Irish Legal News, Mr Grogan asks that decisions by Adjudication Officers should be published in chronological order so that practitioners can follow the latest decisions.

Mr Grogan wrote: “The decisions are there to be an aid to practitioners in understanding what the law is as determined by Adjudication Officers. By putting them up in sequence it would assist colleagues in reviewing recent decisions.”

Alternative, he suggests “putting up a note as to the most recent decisions issuing and set them out the way the Labour Court does”.

Mr Grogan added: “The decisions from the Adjudication Officers are an important piece of information on Employment Law for those in practice in the Employment Law area.

“By having them put up in a way that can be easily researched so that colleagues can keep up to date has a number of benefits.”

He concludes: “I would ask you to see what can be done to make the publication of decisions easier for colleagues to keep track of so that they will know when new decisions go up.

“In particular I would ask would it be possible for the case to be listed in sequence as they go up rather than slotted in to various pages.

“I could understand this being done if decisions were being allocated by way of an ADJ reference number but that is not happening.”

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