Three days of paid sick leave to become statutory right from January

Three days of paid sick leave to become statutory right from January

Employees will be entitled to three days of paid sick leave per year from the start of 2023 following the commencement of new legislation.

Tánaiste and enterprise minister Leo Varadkar has signed the commencement order for the Sick Leave Act 2022 and the Sick Leave Act 2022 (Prescribed daily rate of payment) Regulations 2022.

From 2023, workers will be entitled to up to three days of sick leave in a year, paid at 70 per cent of gross salary up to a cap of €110. It is intended that the entitlement will rise to up to 10 days’ sick leave in a year by 2026.

Where an employee has an extended period of illness, the scheme will operate seamlessly with the existing illness benefit system which kicks in on day four of an absence. Once the employee has exhausted their entitlement to paid sick leave, they will move onto illness benefit, if eligible.

Mr Varadkar said: “Ireland has been an outlier among developed countries in not providing for statutory paid sick leave. The Sick Leave Act 2022 changes that and ensures that employees will have an entitlement to paid sick leave.

“It will be of greatest benefit to lower paid workers, many of whom cannot afford to miss work currently. We do not want people to feel they have to go to work when they are sick, for fear of loss of income.

“It is also a valuable public health measure, reducing the risk of workplace accidents and the likelihood of infectious disease transmission in the workplace.

“This is a new legal right and will ensure that all employees have a basic level of financial protection from day one of a medically certified absence.”

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