Text of EU’s historic AI Act leaked

Text of EU's historic AI Act leaked

An extremely advanced draft of the EU’s landmark AI Act has been leaked online ahead of a key vote.

Euractiv tech editor Luca Bertuzzi yesterday published an 892-page document which was shared with EU countries on Sunday, which compares the consolidated draft with three earlier proposals.

A cleaner version of the text was subsequently published by European Parliament senior policy advisor Dr Laura Caroli.

The Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREPER) will meet on Friday 2 February to vote on adopting the text, though Euractiv reports that France is pushing for the decision to be delayed.

In a lengthy analysis piece, William Fry consultant Barry Scannell and partner Leo Moore say the text “marks a significant shift in the regulatory environment for organisations involved in AI and IP law, particularly within the Irish and EU contexts”.

They continue: “The AI Act necessitates a pro-active approach from organisations to ensure ethical compliance, especially in light of prohibitions on certain AI practices like manipulative methods and exploiting vulnerabilities.

“The careful assessment of high-risk AI systems and general-purpose AI models is essential, not only for compliance but also for shaping product development strategies and managing systemic risks.”

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