Rights watch

Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

India: Protesters across country defy ban on citizenship law protests | The Guardian

Turmoil has continued to escalate across India over a controversial citizenship law that is seen as discriminatory against Muslims.

Catalonia: Court ruling a ‘victory with a sting in the tail’ for Junqueras, say legal experts | Catalan News

The European Court of Justice’s ruling that jailed independence leader Oriol Junqueras had parliamentary immunity from when he was elected an MEP resolves one issue relating to the political rights of the former Catalan vice president.

China: Keynote speech at law conference pulled by censors | Law Gazette

A speech on the rule of law which was due to be given at a legal conference in China was cancelled by censors, a global association of lawyers has reported.

Chile: Over 90 per cent back new constitution | Morning Star

Over 90 per cent of Chileans who took part in a mass consultation want a new constitution, the Chilean Association of Municipalities has reported.

Korea: Two North Koreans tried to defect. Did Seoul send them to their deaths? | The New York Times

The repatriation of two squid fishermen, to what rights activists said was a certain execution in North Korea, has incited outrage in the South.

Fossil fuel firms ‘could be sued’ for climate change | The Independent

The world’s most polluting companies could be sued for their contributions to global warming, a major human rights inquiry has found in what has been described as a “landmark victory for climate justice”.

Uzbekistan: Questions over country’s new era of ‘openness’ | BBC News

Amid the first parliamentary elections under a new president, there are doubts reforms are genuine.

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