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Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

Commissioner publishes observations on alleged human rights violations of migrants returned from Italy to Libya | Council of Europe

Today, the Commissioner published her written observations submitted to the European Court of Human Rights in connection with the case of S.S. and others v. Italy.

Turkey arrests German embassy lawyer for ‘spying’ | The National (UAE)

A co-operation lawyer for the German embassy in Turkey has been detained in Ankara on suspicion of espionage, raising tensions between the two Nato allies, it has been reported.

Facial recognition technology: Ed Bridges appeals human rights ruling | BBC News

Ed Bridges is fighting a ruling that the technology does not breach human rights.

Africa needs The Gambia’s leadership on human rights | Al Jazeera

By filing a case against Myanmar’s treatment of Rohingya, Gambia has shown Africa’s potential to promote human rights.

Primary school backs down after atheist parents claimed daily prayers breached children’s human rights | The Telegraph

A primary school has backed down in a fight with atheist parents who claimed that holding daily prayers breached their children’s human rights.

Outcry as Japanese TV show mocks transgender woman | Human Rights Watch

Last week, a Japanese television program outed and mocked a transgender woman, exposing the harsh reality trans people face in Japan.

Tory plan to water down Human Rights Act to protect ex-soldiers would turn UK into pariah, experts warn | The Independent

Conservative plans to water down the Human Rights Act – to prevent prosecutions of soldiers accused of murders in Northern Ireland – will make the UK a pariah, the party has been warned.

Human rights protester lodges criminal complaint against Bahrain Embassy | Channel 4 News

A human rights protester has lodged a criminal complaint against staff at the Bahrain Embassy alleging attempted murder on the night of his rooftop demonstration. Moosa Mohammed claimed he was beaten up and threatened with being thrown from the embassy roof.

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