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Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

Venezuela expels UN human rights officers, citing ‘colonialist’ behaviour | The Washington Post

The Venezuelan government of President Nicolás Maduro has suspended the operations of the local UN human rights office and ordered its staff to leave the country within 72 hours, in a sharp escalation of tensions with the international community following the arrest of a prominent human rights activist in the country.

‘Very afraid’: Colombian human rights lawyer loses security after winning prize | The Guardian

“I’m very afraid,” says Colombian lawyer Adil Meléndez Márquez, the day after being presented with an award in London honouring human rights defenders.

Israel holds female Palestinian rights lawyer without trial or charge | Al Jazeera

Palestinian human rights lawyer Diala Ayesh, 28, has been held in administrative detention since January 17.

Military dismissing human rights abuse allegations an ‘insult to victims’ - Fiji human rights lawyer | RNZ News

A Fiji human rights lawyer in exile is offering to provide the Fiji military and government with “hard evidence” to support allegations of human rights abuses against a high-ranking officer.

Israeli lawyer arrested for peaceful protest leaves prison after 110 days | The Guardian

A prominent Israeli human rights lawyer of Palestinian heritage has been released to house arrest after spending 110 days in prison for organising a peaceful protest against the war in Gaza.

Russia’s Supreme Court rejects Putin challenger Boris Nadezhdin’s first claim against Central Election Commission | Meduza

Russia’s Supreme Court has rejected Putin challenger Boris Nadezhdin’s first claim in his dispute of the Russian Central Election Commission’s (CEC) handling of his candidacy application for the country’s upcoming presidential election.

UK sanctions four Israeli settlers accused of violence | BBC News

The UK has imposed sanctions against four “extremist” Israeli settlers it has accused of attacking Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

Human rights court finds failings in Greece tourist rape inquiry | The Guardian

A woman who claimed Greek authorities failed to conduct an effective investigation into her allegation of rape has won a resounding victory at the European court of human rights.

Ireland, Spain ask EU for ‘urgent review’ of Israel trade over Gaza human rights compliance | Euractiv

Ireland and Spain are seeking an “urgent review” of whether Israel is complying with human rights obligations under its trade agreement with the EU, according to a joint letter seen by Euractiv.

Top human rights court backs Belgian religious slaughter bans | POLITICO

Regional bans in Belgium on the ritual slaughter of animals without prior stunning don’t breach the European Convention on Human Rights, a top court in Strasbourg ruled on Tuesday.

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