Rights watch

Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

UN calls for probe as Israeli army accused of killing unarmed Palestinians

UN rights office calls for investigation into ‘possible war crime’ amid reports Israeli forces allegedly ‘executed’ 11 Palestinian men in Gaza.

Qatargate victim speaks out over claims he was blocked from top human rights prize

Anti-slavery activist says he’s ‘shocked’ by POLITICO’s revelations of allegedly corrupt influence over the EU’s Sakharov Prize.

Ukraine Applauds UN’s Condemnation of Russia’s Child Abductions

More than 20,000 children have been forcibly removed from home: 387 have returned, more than 500 confirmed dead – among them 15-year-old Arina Yatsiuk, whose body was found in Belarus.

Advocates demand compensation for U.S. drone strike victims in Somalia

Human rights groups called on the Pentagon to make amends after an Intercept investigation into the deaths of a woman and child.

Human rights — ‘vision and reality’

Scholars reflect on movement 75 years after landmark document adopted by U.N.

China rights activist goes on trial for ‘inciting subversion of state power’

US congressional commission has called for Li Qiaochu’s release, citing reports she needs urgent medical treatment.

The “election victory” of al-Sisi in Egypt

On Monday, the Egyptian electoral authority announced the victory of military dictator General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi. He received 89.6 percent in the three-day elections between December 10 and 12 and is therefore set to rule the country until at least 2030.

UN: Nicaragua moving away from rule of law

As the International Red Cross suspends its mission in Nicaragua, the UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights warns that restrictions on civic space persist, with repeated cases of arbitrary detention.

Macron faces party rebellion as French lawmakers advance tougher immigration bill

French President Emmanuel Macron was facing a rebellion within his own party from left-leaning deputies on Tuesday after a tougher immigration bill won the support of the far right under Marine Le Pen as it advanced through parliament. NGOs have slammed the measure as the “most regressive” immigration law in decades.

Human rights groups sound alarm as hunger strikes continue in Turkish prisons

Human rights groups in Turkey have called the Ministry of Justice and relevant institutions to immediately address prison hunger strikes, to avoid possible tragic consequences as the action by inmates of various jails reach its 22nd day.

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