Rights watch

Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

Chile: UN to investigate claims of human rights abuses after 18 deaths | The Guardian

Unrest has led to thousands of arrests and hundreds of injuries, prompting action by former president turned UN high commissioner

EU: European Commission slams Romania for rule-of-law regress, praises advances in Bulgaria | RadioFreeEurope

The European Commission has slammed Romania for backsliding on judicial reforms and fighting corruption but commended Bulgaria over progress on the rule of law.

West Papua: Veronica Koman receives Australian human rights award | ABC News

An outspoken lawyer wanted by Indonesian police wins a prestigious Australian human rights award for her work in exposing alleged human rights violations in West Papua at great personal cost.

Indonesia: Hard-fighting lawyer’s death has colleagues asking questions | New York Times

The police say Golfrid Siregar crashed his motorcycle. Environmentalists and human rights advocates doubt it.

Egypt: UN rights office urges Egypt to free blogger, lawyer, journalist | Al Jazeera

The UN urges Egypt to free Esraa Abdelfattah who was arrested by plain-clothes security officers in Cairo last week.

Mexico: Elite troops sent in to patrol city after cartel battle | Reuters

More than 400 soldiers turned up in Culiacan over the weekend after gunmen from the Sinaloa cartel briefly took control of the city and forced security forces to free the drug lord’s son from a botched arrest attempt last week.

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