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Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

China trading away human rights for short-term political wins: HRW report

Human Rights Watch in its 33rd annual report has extensively accused China of their hypocrisy in trading away human rights obligations for its short-term political wins and putting its individual agendas first. The World Report reviewed human rights standards in over 100 countries for 2022.

Pakistan urged to act against forced child marriages, conversions

Rights experts from the United Nations have deplored abductions, forced marriages and conversions of girls from Pakistan’s religious minorities, urging the government to swiftly halt such practices.

Pushbacks within the EU: How Italy uses brute force to offload some of its unwanted migrant arrivals

A new report suggests that migrants and refugees are being pushed back within the European Union from Italy to Greece under what many have described as “inhumane” circumstances. Even though the practice is highly illegal, hundreds of potential asylum seekers seem to have been affected by it in recent years.

Africa should do more to monitor, respond to human rights abuses — rights group

African nations need to do more to address the widespread displacement, killings and other abuses that have come about from the continent’s many conflicts, according to a new report published this week by Human Rights Watch.

Two Yemen YouTubers in detention, put on trial by Houthis

Two Yemenis who posted videos on YouTube in December criticizing the Houthis are to be put on trial in Houthi-run courts, the armed group announced on Wednesday.

Iraqi prison inmates complain about mistreatment and human rights abuses

The Iraqi government ordered an investigation on Tuesday into claims of mistreatment and human rights violations at a major detention centre north of Baghdad.

The Right Not to Be Fun at Work

In a win for workplace dignity, a French high court recently decreed that businesses cannot force their employees to participate in supposedly enjoyable activities.

Difficult days ahead for Brazil

The attempted coup by supporters of the former Brazilian President on January 8th may have been thwarted but as Sue Bradford argues, Brazilian democracy is far from safe.

Argentine organizations demand presidential pardon for Indigenous activist Milagro Sala

January 16, 2023, marked seven years since the illegal arrest of Indigenous and social activist Milagro Sala in Argentina. Sala was one of the first victims of the political persecution that characterized the far-right government of former president Mauricio Macri (2015–2019).

Australia risks UN human rights blacklisting as states fail to meet prison obligations

Australia risks being placed on a human rights blacklist alongside such countries as South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo by failing to meet its obligations in prison oversight under a UN anti-torture treaty.

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