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Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

UN Rapporteur Wants Prosecutions Over Iran Human Rights

In an Iran International interview Javaid Rehman has outlined his plans for a UN probe into an “unprecedented level of violence and state brutality in Iran”.

Yemen: Houthis curb women’s rights

In parts of Yemen, Houthi rebels have enforced a decree that allows women to travel only if accompanied by a male relative. The move is seen by many as a major setback to women’s rights in the country.

Europe scrambles for gas in Africa despite climate concerns

War in Ukraine has forced Europe to seek out fossil fuels in Africa. But the economic benefits for Africans are questionable and the environmental consequences are being ignored.

Amnesty International Canada says it was hacked by Beijing

The Canadian branch of Amnesty International said Monday it was the target of a cyberattack sponsored by China.

Human Rights Watch urges Mexican legislators to reject AMLO’s electoral reform

Human Rights Watch has called on Mexican lawmakers to vote against President López Obrador’s proposed reforms to the electoral system, warning that the changes “would put free, fair elections at risk”.

‘Merchant of Death’ Viktor Bout now part of a deal himself

Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, swapped Thursday for WNBA star Brittney Griner, is widely known abroad as the “Merchant of Death” who fueled some of the world’s worst conflicts.

Japan adopts resolution on human rights abuses in Tibet, East Turkestan

Japan’s Upper House on Monday adopted a resolution concerning human rights abuses by the Chinese government in Tibet, East Turkestan (Ch: Xinjiang), and Hong Kong among other ethnic groups under the Chinese Communist Party.

EXPLAINED: Putin’s Completely Bonkers “Human Rights” Rant

Vladimir Putin has once again proven just how divorced from reality he is, reeling off a series of truly deluded remarks during a televised meeting of the Kremlin’s human rights council.

How the U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit will deepen U.S. partnerships with Nigeria and other African democracies

President Biden has invited 49 African heads of state and the head of the African Union to Washington, D.C. for a three-day U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit December 13-15.

Can art actually help improve Saudi Arabia’s abject human rights record?

Culture is being used by Saudi Arabia to project an image of a state that “enriches lives, celebrates national identity and builds understanding between people.

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