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Rights watch

A round-up of human rights stories from around the world.

Nicaraguan Human Rights Attorney Declared Guilty by Kangaroo Court | Havana Times

Maria Oviedo, an attorney with Nicaragua’s Permanent Commission for Human Rights (CPDH) who has defended a number of the regime’s political prisoners, was declared guilty on Thursday, August 29, following a trial that lasted over ten hours. She faces sentencing on Monday, September 2.

Human rights are everyone’s business, amid relentless crises around world: UN’s Bachelet | UN News

The relentless outbreak of crises around the world – from the fires in the Amazon to “carnage” in Syria and demonstrations in Hong Kong, Russia, Indonesian Papua and elsewhere - risk pushing the world “further and further away from global solutions to global problems”, the UN’s top rights official said on Wednesday.

No-deal Brexit and the right to life | UK Human Rights Blog

Could the risks to the NHS caused by a No-deal Brexit give rise to a potential breach of the Human Rights Act? Jim Duffy carefully considers the issues…

Human Rights Commission cases restricted by budget cuts | BBC News

The NI Human Rights Commission says its budget is severely restricting its ability to take legal cases.

Hong Kong campaigner wins top human rights award | News | Law Gazette

‘Father of democracy’ among lawyers honoured by International Bar Association.

Modi’s act of tyranny in Kashmir will soon be the blueprint for all of India | The Independent

The Hindu-supremacist government of India, headed by Narendra Modi, has just carried out a coup of India’s constitution and with Kashmir’s autonomy. Jammu and Kashmir has been “put in its place”: stripped not only of its nominal autonomy but even of its status as a state of the Indian union, and summarily demoted to a “union territory” administered by the central government.

Joint Letter to UN Secretary-General on Rosenthal Report | Human Rights Watch

The Rosenthal report describes the UN’s failure to stop, mitigate, or even draw attention to violence that the UN Independent International Fact-Finding Mission found amounted to crimes under international law including crimes against humanity, and warrants an investigation of the crime of genocide against Rohingya.

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